Are you interested in being interviewed?


What is the project about?

 The projects is focused on the status and the history of the Italian language among Americans of Italian descent in St. Louis and the surrounding area.

What does it mean?

It means I will investigate what happened to the Italian language in St. Louis. What happened to the Italian dialects spoken by the first immigrants. Is there anybody who speaks Italian, there? Is there anybody who speaks a dialect? What about the Italian culture? What happened to the immigrants when they went to St. Louis? Were they forced to assimilate? How did they feel about their language? How do current Italian Americans in St. Louis feel about their heritage language? Etc.

What are you going to do?

I am going to create a questionnaire with a lot of questions and I need to interview and record people. I will visit St. Louis in person – probably in June 2017 – and I will have to meet every participant in order to interview them. The interview will last a couple of hours maximum.

Why do you need to record the participant?

Only because I won’t be able to write down everything they say, so I need a recording in order to be able to listen to it when I write.

Is the questionnaire anonymous?

I will ask your name and surname. I will also probably ask the names and surnames of your ancestors. This is useful to me in order to “categorize” people by generation, geographical area etc., but I will not publish names in my dissertation. I will use codes like, for example, M3-65 (Male, 3rd generation, 65 y.o.) or something similar.